Sonata: Motion (2004)

for flute and piano or violin and piano 17:00

I. Motion/Emotion 4:45
II. Emotion/Commotion 3:45
III. Commotion/Motion 8:30

Sonata: Motion exists in two versions: for flute and piano and for violin and piano. The first movement features a shimmering, sensuous accompaniment to a sinuous solo line. The second movement, marked Lento fantastico, contrasts aggressive outbursts with ethereal chorale textures. The final rondo alternates between a blues cantilena and a whimsical tribute to early rock and roll.

Each movement explores the contradiction implied in the movement title (Motion/Emotion, Emotion/Commotion, Commotion/Motion), sometimes resolving the conflicts, sometimes exaggerating them.

Sonata: Motion was premiered on 17 May 2005 by Tadeu Coelho and Allison Gagnon at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.  A recording of the violin/piano version, featuring violinist Danielle Belén and pianist David Fung, will be released on NAXOS in 2010.